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This is the first in a series called “The RedRover Q&A”, where we reach out to an awesome parent to give us real, hilarious, and insightful glimpses into their world.  This week, we welcome Roo Ciambriello of  Roo rocks it as a talented blogger, copywriter, and mom of three.  

Roo Ciambriello and kids

Her answers are fabulous; take a look:

What’s the most embarrassing thing your child has done in public?

Asked a larger woman wearing purple if she was Barney the dinosaur. :/

What new tradition have you established for your family?

We are super Christmasy at Christmas. Neither my husband nor I grew up in homes that were really into celebrating the holidays (some years we didn’t put up trees), so we overcompensate for that a little bit. We put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving, bake cookies, and make hot chocolate with cocoa powder and coconut milk (my kids have food allergies). Jack does a gingerbread house with the girls right before Christmas, and then after spending time with family on Christmas Day, we throw a party later that night. Friends come by after seeing their families and we just eat and hang out and sometimes people end up passing out on our couches. We love it!

Coffee or tea?


Favorite kids toy:

LEGOS all day, as long as I never step on them.

Favorite kids book:

The Bear Snores On. I love reading this to my girls… the rhythm/pattern is so fun.

One word that describes you as parent:

Hungry. :)

Did you understand how hard it was going to be?

Absolutely not. I was completely blindsided after having my first baby. Now I’m definitely more easygoing. :)

Pencil, pen, or marker?


Beach or mountains?


What is your favorite restaurant to go to with your kids?

Our girls have extensive food allergies (womp womp) so this is kind of a hard question. Any restaurant that is super amazing and understanding about food allergies is okay in my book.

Mac or PC?


What kids’ music do you listen to when your kids aren’t around?

Rap/hip-hop. Always with my earbuds in or in the car solo. Waiting for the day that rappers sing about innocuous things like picking up their dry cleaning or finding a movie at Redbox.

iPhone or Android?


What quality do you wish you had more of as a parent?

*breeeeeaaathe iiiiiin* patience *breeeaaathe ouuuuutttt huuuug a treeeeee*

Night owl or early riser?  (Or both!)

Early riser (but it’s always a struggle)

How many hours of tv/game console/iPad do you allow?

We went an entire month without any sort of television this past summer. It went great. I’d totally do it again, but at the same time, I don’t get down on myself if we’re having a particularly crazy week and I turn on a movie to gain a little sanity. Maybe we average an hour? IDK, man. Ask me something easy. :)

East coast or west coast?


What is the most annoying thing other parents brag about?

Honestly, I don’t know. I try to tune that out as much as possible because 1) comparison is the thief of joy and 2) I don’t have time in my day to be irritated with other parents. SO I usually just hide their status updates on Facebook. ;P

Favorite place in the U.S.?

Home, with take-out fajitas.

Do you volunteer at your school?

I homeschool my kindergartner, but my middle daughter goes to a great preschool. I volunteer to buy stuff, but never bake stuff. Ha!

Earbuds or bluetooth?


Are you strict about bed time?

Yeaaa boyyyyy! 7pm on the nose, Mommy loves you, and good night, little boos.

Roo Ciambriello



Because Some People Are Already Into Halloween

It’s only the middle of September, but we hear you, Type-A moms of Pinterest, and get it:  Halloween is right around the corner.  Even though some of us are still dipping our toes in the pool, fall is indeed in the air, pumpkin flavored everything is back in season, and the leaves are piling up on our lawns.

halloween costume

(Adorable photo credit here)

Therefore, we have compiled a list of our favorite fall ideas that you can DIY, if you are good at that sort of thing.

1. Jacinda Boneau of Prudent Baby put together a fabulous list of 25 fall DIYs for the home over at babble.  Check it out here.

2. CountryLiving offers 43 DIY Halloween costumes, pumpkins, decor, and more here.

3. Rachelle Francey of Kenziepoo compiled a list of  9 DIY last minute Halloween costumes and crafts which you should bookmark on babble because you know (at least some of you) will be there the day before Halloween.  Click here to see her ideas.

4. Being the arbiters of everything cool, you just know CoolMomPicks has an amazing Pinterest board waiting for you to peruse.  Check out all the Halloween fabulousness here.

5.  Are you a sucker for dressed-up newborns?  Well you can thank the lovely Nadia Carriere of ChildMode for compiling Halloween costume ideas for newborns using accessories alone.  Swoon!  Click here to view them.


(Photo credit)

Do you know of any spectacular websites, blogs, or Pinterest boards full of great fall/Halloween ideas?  Tell us in the comments below!


Atlanta Moms (And One Dad!) Share Their Best Day Ever

Atlanta RedRover partners and parents talk about why they love and what they love about RedRover during the launch of RedRover: Atlanta Edition hosted by Whole Foods Buckhead. Check it out here:

My Best Day: Atlanta Edition from RedRover on Vimeo.


New York’s Guggenheim Hones Family Time Into an Art

Guggenheim Museum

New York’s Guggenheim Museum of Art is an easy sell for art aficionados. But for an antsy four-year-old, the appeal of Edward Hopper or Camille Pissarro can dim pretty fast. Luckily, the museum’s staff have become masters at offering programs that let families explore in creative, hands-on ways. We spoke to Emily Rivlin-Nadler, the museum’s Education Associate in Family Programs, about how  to make this art haven part of your routine.

The key, Rivlin-Nadler says, is to know your options. Right now, families have three activity choices:

1) Choose Your Own Path: A self-guided tour complete with family activity guides and packs for each major rotunda show and ramp exhibition. “It’s a little like a scavenger hunt,” Emily explains. “You can find the work on the front of the card, and on other side is information about the work, conversation points, and activities like drawing or movement.” (Be sure to check out the family guide to the new James Turrell exhibition, which encourages your kids to experiment with light, color, and space.

Guggenheim Family Activity Station

2) Drop-In Path: For those looking for a chance to get off their feet and spend an afternoon, there are two designated areas of the museum where you can park the stroller and stay as long as you want. “We have activities your kids can do right in front of the artwork, where they explore it through interactive activities like puzzles, games, and drawing challenges.” Ask for a Guggenheim sketchbook at the Family Activity Kiosk near the museum entrance. And for those with little ones, try a stroller tour on designated weekdays, led by museum educator and mom Jackie Delamatre.

Guggenheim Family Drop In Program

3) Open Studio for Families: For those with older kids looking to get a little messier, there’s the Studio Art Lab, located in the Sackler gallery. The whole family can draw, paint, sculpt, and more, all using techniques and materials that the artists use. To see more photos from recent studios, click here.

Guggenheim Family Open Studio


For more information about the Guggenheim’s family programs, check them out on RedRover


5 Back-to-School Checklists That Will Save Your Sanity

Back to school
With back-to-school season hurtling toward us, we moms have 400 things to do and not nearly enough time to do them. But instead of scribbling lists upon lists on Post-Its, notebooks, and scraps of paper, try these pre-made checklists with everything moms need (and more) to be ready come September. You can download them on your phone, or print them out


1. The Cozi back-to-school countdown wisely starts preparing you six weeks out (which is, uh, now!). As we all know, it’s easy to lose track of time, and this is the perfect resource for parents who need a nudge each week.


2. This simple shopping checklist from the folks at zulily has all the basics in a clean, easy-to-read format. And while you may not need everything on the list, and the tone may be a bit prim (um, “trousers?”) it’s helpful to have when you’re at the department store trying to remember everything the kids might need in the colder months.

zulily back to school checklist

3. I’m a huge fan of the Get Buttoned Up creators and organizational gurus Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch, so it’s no surprise that I love their free printable back-to-school countdown, which outlines things you need to do (and buy) based on a specific timeline. Helpful for those of us (ahem, cough) that leave things to the last minute.

Get Buttoned Up back to school checklist

4. This back-to-school printable checklist has three columns — To-buy, To-do, and To-label. If you’re like me, your child is always coming home with something that you forgot to put his/her name on. And in case there are items missing on the list, there are a few open spaces to add your own.

5. Alphamom’s technicolor printable countdown poster adds some serious festivity to the last week before school arrives, with special tabs your child can tear off to help keep track of the days. Think of it as an advent calendar, but for school — which may help curb any summer-is-over complaints. Plus it’ll help you fit in those last memorable activities (we’ve got a few suggestions on RedRover!) before school actually starts.

Alphamom Back to School checklist countdown






5 reasons we love libraries

We’re so fortunate to have some of the best libraries in the country as RedRover partners. Of course, everyone knows libraries are a wonderful, free way to get books (hello, obvious much?), but they’ve got so much more to offer parents, especially during the summer months. And we’re not just talking about air conditioning.

5 Reasons We Love Libraries

1. Quiet time: Yes, while libraries aren’t like they used to be, with some mean librarian shushing your every move, you can always trust that for the most part, they’re guaranteed peace and quiet, which can be a nice change from the hustle and bustle of anywhere else you might be visiting with your kids. And once kids know the rules, they tend to know that they need to stick with them. And if not, that’s when you enlist the help of your not-so-friendly librarian.

2. Events: Along with the free books (including e-book rentals too, you techies!), libraries offer a plethora of free programming for families, whether it’s young babies (like this cool program at Brooklyn Public Library), or for adults only in the evenings. Need a free date night? You might not have thought about going to the library before, but these days, it’s a viable option. And what’s so wonderful about all these events and activities is that it’s a way for you to meet up and spend time with other families.

3. WIFI: While you may not be able to enjoy a Grande Mocha while you work, you’ll appreciate the quiet, which is something most coffee shops can’t offer you. Some libraries do have a time limit, but for the most part, you can sit and use your laptop or tablet for free. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being tempted by that glazed donut behind the glass window.

4. Movies, Audio Books, and Music (oh my!): In case you might have forgotten, libraries also offer families the ability to borrow movies, audio books, and music too. And yes, in the age of video streaming and iPods, many of us still have CD and DVD players, all of which can be put to good use thanks to your local library.

5. Learning: So while you might not have an incredible resource like the New York Public Library, most libraries, even in the smallest of towns, offer all sorts of educational activities and clubs for both parents and kids. It’s a wonderful way to meet like-minded parents (and kids), as well as teach kids skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

We’re thrilled to have San Francisco Public Library, Queens Library, and the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library as well as the Brooklyn Public Library and New York Public Library all sharing their events on RedRover. Make sure to download our free app or sign-up free at for access! 




Summer style picks for busy moms

Summer Style Picks for Moms


From left, clockwise:

1. Cupcake Contest Shoulder Bag {$42.99} Heading out with the kids? All you need is cash, cards, and keys. Leave the big bag at home this summer.

2. Bazaar Mini Wedge {$158} A striking, yet comfortable style statement that pairs well with skimmers, shorts, skirts, and dresses.

3. There’s a Map for That Necklace {$19.99} Bold necklace that’s perfect with a simple tank or white tee, or peeking out from under a collared shirt.

4. DIY Friendship Bracelets {free} Keep the kids busy making bracelets that you’ll actually wear.

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The Best Saturday Ever

Monterey Bay Aquarium on RedRoverLooking for something to do with your kids this weekend? RedRover to the rescue! Check out our best Saturdays ever in San Francisco, Atlanta, and New York City for July 6. Or make your own using the free RedRover app or website.

And yes, we realize you might need to charter a private helicopter to hit all three of our picks in each city, but hey, we can dream, right? 

San Francisco: 

1. Start off the day at Monterey Aquarium (left) and enjoy their amazing Open Sea Feeding.

2. Then head over to the Asian Art Museum for Japanese Tea.

3. Finish your day at California Academy of Sciences with a Discovery Nature Walk.


1. Since more rain is in the forecast, we’re liking the Open Studio at Little House of Art.

2. Then pop over to the Atlanta History Center for their big Independence Day celebration.

3. Drop the kids off at home (with the grandparents, perhaps?), and check out this Adult Fiction Workshop. Cool!

New York City: 

1. If you can bear the heat, take a Conservatory Garden Tour. How lovely!

2. Then what about a trip to Governor’s Island for the Free Art Island Outpost with the CMA?

3. End the day with a little game time at the New York Public Library.


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Happy Independence Day!

Robert Frost Quote for July 4th


RedRover’s Independence Day best from around the web

We’re not sure about you, but we’ll be extending our July 4th celebration through the weekend. If you’re looking for fun, unique things to do with your family, as well as cool crafts, recipes, and party ideas, take a peek at our Independence Day best that we’ve rounded-up just for you.

July 4th craft and recipes ideas

What an awesome round-up of July 4th crafts and recipes over at No Biggie.

San Francisco parents: The Exploratorium is open on Thursday. Such a fun way to enjoy Independence Day.

We’ve got a slew of awesome recipes (holy yum popsicles FTW!) on our 4th of July Pinterest Board. Follow us!

Cool Mom Picks put together a fantastic round-up of party ideas. Love the sparker holders.

Our partner the New-York Historical Society has a bunch of great events all weekend long. Check their site for details.

We know a lot of kids who would love to wear these on Thursday. Tasty too!

Enjoy a date night at the Georgia Aquarium on July 4th, Atlanta parents. This looks amazing! Also, beer.

So many cool July 4th printables that will keep the kids busy for hours.


And for more fun July 4th activity ideas, make sure to download the free RedRover app or sign-up at