Wordless Wednesday: Nap-Resister Edition

@RedRoverAtlanta solves a nap-free afternoon with a fun trip to Lowe’s. Click here to see more.


Wordless Wednesday: The Sleepinator

Loulou invented “The Sleepinator” on Sunday. Click through the photo to see the story of a rainy day at our house.


RedRover Featured in App Store Essentials: Social Networking

Hey, check it out!

The little-app-that-could is featured this week as an app store essential in social networking. We are beside ourselves happy over here at RedRover World Headquarters.

We attribute our early success to the love, support and dedication of our amazing users. We ♥ you.


RedRover Summer Interns Bid Farewell

As summer marketing interns, every day is different at RedRover. When we started, we weren’t sure what to expect. Neither of us had ever worked at a tech startup before, but we were excited about the app. And we are happy to report that we’ve had an amazing summer at RedRover—we come out marketing ninjas (and we’re not giving away any of our secrets just yet).

This summer we spent a lot of our time talking to moms, dads, babysitters and kid-friendly store owners.  The first week included a whirlwind day at Madison Square Park’s Kids Fest where we talked to hundreds of parents, helped them sign up for RedRover, worked together with the GoGo squeeZ and Funky Monkey street team, and gave away t-shirts and balloons (parents love balloons). Another favorite memory was a gorgeous day at Gymboree’s first ever Field Day in Central Park. Kids and their parents came out to play, enjoy snacks, stories, and the beautiful weather. There’s nothing cuter than watching two year olds complete an obstacle course. We explained to parents how RedRover could enhance their lives by showing them how to discover similar events through the app. Frequent trips to ‘Balloons To Go’ in Chelsea made us VIP’s over there (Our 2 cents: If you ever need balloons on the fly- get in touch with them. They’ll make it happen.)

It has been rewarding to meet so many parents who are positive and excited about the ways that RedRover can make their lives more fun. And reaching out to all the different communities throughout the 5 boroughs was pretty awesome for us. Let’s just say there’s no better way to learn street names and get a sense of where you are than by actually exploring the city by foot (iPhone in hand for backup of course).

We are sad that the summer is almost over (and we weren’t paid to say that). We met great people on Team RedRover and feel very lucky to have landed at this startup during such an exciting time.

Internships can be awesome.

-Libby Andrada, Villanova ’12, and Marie-Kristin von der Heide, Baruch ’13



Wordless Wednesday: A Garden Grows Upstate


Women Entrepreneurs Radio | The Secrets of Success

Listen to this fun interview with RedRover CEO/Founder, Kathryn Tucker in which she reveals her deep love of romantic comedy and tells the story of her path from film to tech. CLICK HERE.


5 Questions About RedRover: Irene

Irene, SF Community Manager and mom of Poppy (8 months), gets interviewed about RedRover.

Take a look:

1. What’s your favorite thing about redrover?

I love being able to share my life with my friends through photos.

2. What feature is most helpful?

The social planning features are super easy to use and make me feel more organized. You don’t realize how much time you were spending emailing and coordinating until all of a sudden you’re not. I click and swipe and boom I have plans. Any changes in times or location are sent right to my phone and everyone else involved. I like not feeling like I have to check my email as I head out the door to see if the plans are still on or not.

3. What feature would you like to see? (or what is your favorite new feature in v2.0?)

I’d like to see even more of my friends on RedRover, so I am psyched about the Android release.

4. Send your favorite timeline shot. & 5. Describe a great moment for you on RedRover.

Here’s a pic of me toasting Kathryn when the new photo features were released. I love this screenshot because I think it really opens up how social apps are going to be used in the future. It’s just so fun to be able to connect with a friend 3,000 miles away over a drink like this – this is the day I became addicted to RedRover.


Wordless Wednesday: Every Mother Counts

Photo by Josh Estey, Bangladesh

Remember: for every new RedRover signup through tomorrow night we’ll be donating $1 to up to 20k. Get your friends to sign up today!



RedRover, Facebook and Twitter: A Unique and Powerful Combo

As we mentioned earlier, the new RedRover comes with the ability to cross-post any of your messages to Facebook or Twitter. This simple addition to the way RedRover works turns it into a super-versatile tool for sharing with friends.

RedRover’s core features let you share a message with any number of your friends, allowing you to decide exactly how big your audience should be (and who your audience should be) for each message.

That’s pretty cool.  But add to that the ability to cross-post a message to Facebook or Twitter, and suddenly you can message one, two or twenty of your friends in RedRover…and all of your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. (CLICK HERE to take a look)

It’s like you’ve got a volume knob on your RedRover that now goes up as high as you could possibly want…while also being able to go as low as you want.

Use just the RedRover share feature, and send a private thought to one or two close friends.  Use the share feature again and send a more open note to several of your friends.  Use the share feature with the Facebook/Twitter buttons, and send a note to everyone you know on the planet.

With RedRover, you get to decide.



RedRover On Android is Here!


We’ve been busy little worker bees here at RedRover headquarters in the Flatiron district of NYC.  Last week we launched RedRover version 2.0 for the iPhone, and today we’re very excited to announce that RedRover for Android is here!

If you’re an Android user, you can now begin using RedRover from your phone to chat, share photos, and make plans — to have more fun.

And if you’re an iPhone user, you can now connect with your Android friends to do all of the great things you’ve already been doing with your iPhone friends. Have a friend you know has an Android phone? Reach out to him or her today with an invitation to join you on RedRover.

RedRover on Android: it means more connections, more happenings, and more fun.

1. Search for RedRover in the Android Market Place (icon below) and select it.

2. Select the ‘FREE’ button to install RedRover.

3. Press ‘OK’ to accept the permissions of the app.

Wait a minute for RedRover to download, and voila, you’re done – you can now use RedRover on your phone!

Note: this is version 0.5 – still beta.  We’re working as fast as we can to get it to 1.0 and will be there soon.  In the meantime, please enjoy the beta!