RedRover: For Emergencies, Too!

We all know that RedRover is great for sharing with friends, making plans, and having fun.  But there’s more to the app than just socializing. RedRover is also a great app to have in an emergency.

How’s that?  Well if you look to the far-right of your app’s tab bar, you will see the app’s emergency button.  That’s not an OMG-we-have-to-get-together-right-now button.  It’s an actual feature to help you in an actual emergency.

RedRover’s Emergency feature can help out in an emergency in several smart ways.

First, it allows you to send a text message to your emergency contacts with the push of a single button.  That message says simply “I’m in an emergency situation” with a link to a map that lets people know exactly where you are (you can replace that with a custom message if you want).  Click that button and you can check notifying friends and family about your situation off your list, and focus on the more important matters at hand.

Next, you can call 911 or poison control, again with the push of a single button.  Click “Call 911″, the system prompts you to confirm, and then you’re on the phone talking to the emergency operator. No pesky numbers to dial, no accidentally dialing 411 instead and getting information – just press and go.

Last but not least, the feature pulls up the hospitals closest to you and lists their location and contact info.  You can view each hospital on a map or call it directly, once again with the click of a button.  Very useful when you’re out and about, and have no idea where the hospitals around you are.

How many social apps out there have that level of real-world value?

The emergency button is so cool it could almost be a standalone app.  Instead it’s yet another great feature packed into RedRover for our users.   So now don’t go out there looking for trouble.  But if trouble comes your way, know that RedRover is ready to help.


5 Questions About RedRover: A Series

Titania, RedRover’s Atlanta Community Manager and mom of Jackson (2), is the first to be interviewed in our new series about how people are using RedRover. Take a look:

1. What’s your favorite thing about RedRover?

I can share plans, messages, locations and photos with my innermost circle. RedRover was created by a mom, so I feel comfortable knowing that my information will be dealt with in the most secure and respectful fashion.  If I want, of course, I can push that info out to Twitter and Facebook, but I like having the option.

2. What’s the most helpful feature?

The emergency feature, which automatically texts up to 5 of my pre-programmed contacts (how cool is that!) as well as show me the closest medical facilities nearby.  I have an extra sense of security knowing that in case one of those worst-case-scenarios happens that all moms get flashes of, I don’t have to fumble with my phone and calling people.

3. What’s your favorite new feature in RedRover Version 2.0?

I LOVE the new share feature, because I am ALWAYS going over my texting limit, and this allows me to share text and photos as much as I want.  Buh-bye total rip-off cell phone bill and disapproving look from dear husband, hello connections!

4. What’s your top RedRover Timeline shot so far?

I loved the shot of the Tiny Rovers watching the shuttle launch because it so reminded me of being a kid again.  I also love getting snapshots of the awesome work environment at RedRover.  Since I am in Atlanta, I miss out on the fun in-office events held with my colleagues.  They are good about sharing however so I feel like I am there in spirit.

5. Describe a great moment for you on RedRover?

A great experience I recently had using RedRover was sharing with my contacts that I was walking to the local park with my son (on a whim), and within 10 minutes, one friend had shown up to meet us and another had called to say she was on the way.  Talk about plans on the fly!

Follow Titania on Twitter @RedRoverAtlanta


Meet RedRover at Gymboree’s Field Day

Grab your pom poms and put on your game face because you are invited to Gymboree Play & Music’s first ever Field Day Fun event in Central Park! Come play with Gymboree families from all over Manhattan, meet Team RedRover and join in on such exciting activities as The Tunnel Crawl, Baby Soccer, & Tubee Races. There will be Story Time and Snacks, provided by your fave GoGo squeeZ. The day will be wrapped up with GIANT Parachute & Bubble Time!

Sunday July 10th 11:00am-12:30pm

Central Park’s Mineral Springs Lawn (Central Park West between 69th & 70th)

Swing by for summer fun and a chance to meet the RedRover Team. We’ll have some great giveaways for the kids.

Make a plan on RedRover on the web or on your iPhone.

See you there!



Tiny Rovers Talk SPACE with RR Sr. Developer

Chris Cotter, RedRover Senior Developer, knows a lot about Space…a lot. And with the final launch of the Atlantis space shuttle, it couldn’t have been better timing for Henry (4), Loulou (7) and Ingrid (7) to visit their RedRover moms at the office for the day. And of course, we put them to work. Here’s what happens when you ask three Tiny Rovers to interview our in house space expert:

Loulou: Do all astronauts have to wear white?

Chris: Yes. It’s because when you’re in space the sun is way hotter. They wear white so that it reflects some of the sun away.

Loulou: Is the moon really made out of cheese? [giggles]

Chris: No it is not.

Loulou: It’s definitely swiss. [giggles]

Henry: Are all of the rockets different?

Chris: Yes, they are depending on what they’re trying to do. If you’re putting a little thing into space you use a smaller rocket.

Ingrid: How do they eat exactly? Do they take off their helmets?

Chris: They actually don’t wear their spacesuits all the time. They eat a lot of stuff that won’t get messy.

Loulou: Will their clothes get stinky? Is there a dressing room on the planet?

Ingrid: It’s not a mansion ok.

Loulou: What happens when you go to the bathroom?

Chris: Well, it’s kind of gross…There’s no gravity in space, right? So poop would float too, so it’s kind of like you’re pooping into a big vaccum cleaner.

[Uncontrollable laughter and a few shrieks]

Henry: Where’s the bathtub in space?

Chris: There’s no bathtub. What honestly happens is you kind of smell bad. You have moist towelettes and clean with them.

Loulou: How do they drink out of space?

Chris: It’s kind of like gogo squeeZ. The packets of apple sauce would have water.

Loulou: Could you bring a straw and just drink the water that way?

Chris: Kind of. Because there’s no gravity the water would form a big bubble. You could stick a straw into it and drink the water, but it would get messy pretty quickly.

Loulou: Can you pop that bubble and be under it and take a shower?

Chris: Nope! Since there’s no gravity, the water wouldn’t go anywhere, you’d just have a smaller bubble floating around.

Loulou: What if there was a person that was really hairy and he had arm and leg hair and the hair floated up  just as much as his hair did?

Chris: Do you think there are aliens?
Loulou: No
Ingrid: No
Henry: Yes…no.

Loulou: To the humans they’re aliens. To the aliens we’re aliens. [Pauses] Aren’t you going to write that down?

Henry: Do astronauts walk on the moon when it gets smaller?

Loulou: It’s the shadow!

Chris: Good question, Henry. What’s happening is that the earth’s shadow is getting between the moon and the sun. So it looks like it’s not there anymore.

Chris: What did everyone think about the shuttle launch?

Loulou: It was cool.

Ingrid: It was cool.

Henry: I liked it.

Loulou: [jumping up and down] Can there be RedRover in space because they have internet there?


Wordless Wednesday: A Summer Tradition

Kai’s start of the summer tradition:

a hot dog from Katz’s Deli in the Lower East Side


Hannah Wehrle Comes To Work With Her Mom

Team RedRover is happy to welcome Hannah Wehrle, daughter of RedRover Product Head Sylvia Wehrle. Her summer camp hasn’t started yet, so she’s sitting alongside her mom today. We took this opportunity to ask her a few things. Take a look:

Name: Hannah Wehrle

Age: 10

From: Cobble Hill, Brooklyn


K: How many siblings do you have?

Hannah: One annoying little sister. She is nice though.

K: What do you love to do in the summer?

Hannah: I like to play with my friends outside on the street or I like getting ice-cream at Blue Marble and going to One Girl Cookie for cupcakes. I like to go to the beach. I like using a boogie board and pretending it’s a boat with my sister.

K: What does your mom do at RedRover?

Hannah: Maybe she decides if something on the site should be put on there or not… uhmm she looks for bugs and stuff.

K: What do you like about RedRover?

Hannah: I like that you get to communicate with people and set up playdates with friends and you can find out where people are and make a plan with them and if you can’t decide where to eat you can find a place.

K: Why do you like the photo feature on RedRover?

Hannah: Photos are better than using words sometimes because words might not describe the place that you’re at. The person might want to see what about the place is good.

K: Why are you proud of your mom?

Hannah: I think she’s really working hard. Making my life funner without it being boring.

K: What do you like about your neighborhood?

Hannah: I like living in Brooklyn because it’s not as busy. There are only some parts of Brooklyn with big malls and stuff. It feels like a village. It’s always sort of quiet there. There are a lot of parks and delis that I like to visit. I’d rather be there than anywhere else.

K: What are you doing this weekend?

Hannah: I’m getting my own room. We’re putting a temporary wall in between my room that I share with my sister (7 1/2), and I’m glad we’re getting our own room. We’re also getting our ears pierced, and I’m excited because when I went last time I practically ran out of the room because I was so scared.


Wordless Wednesday: Summer Adventures

RedRover Product Manger Ami’s son, Kai, (Left) and friend rowing in Sweden. Summer adventures 2011.


RedRover RedRover Send GoGo squeeZ Over!

GoGo squeeZ teams with mobile app RedRover to host pop-up playdates all summer long

06.06.2011-Summer has finally arrived, and outdoor playtime will become even more exciting thanks to a new partnership between GoGo squeeZ, the first squeezable, re-sealable, 100 percent fruit applesauce snack in the U.S., and RedRover, a mobile app aimed at connecting smart-phone-toting moms with one another in fun, kid-friendly places. GoGo squeeZ and RedRover will host pop-up playdates every Tuesday afternoon, allowing kids and parents to get their daily GoGo Time – simply good, active fun – by participating in classic summer games like hopscotch, frisbee and, of course, red rover, while enjoying a family-friendly snack that’s both yummy and energizing. Information on the “secret” location of each playdate, which will be announced one week prior, will be made available only through the RedRover app.

“We’re on a mission to help kids get a bit of GoGo Time each and every day, and our partnership with RedRover allows us to do just that,” said Meena Mansharamani, managing director for Materne North America. “Our pop-up playdates offer a great place for kids to get active, for moms to connect with one another, and for everyone to enjoy the 100 percent fruit goodness of GoGo squeeZ in a family-friendly environment.”

“The RedRover app connects like-minded parents with one another, and we are so excited to have GoGo squeeZ as our first partner in creating pop-up playdates for our users,” said Kathryn
Tucker, creator of RedRover. “Information on these GoGo Time get-togethers will only be available via the RedRover app, so we encourage parents to sign up and keep an eye out for news of our pop-up playdates!”


Timeline Shot of the Week: Rainbow City

Kathryn Tucker takes Loulou and Henry to Rainbow City in High Line Park, NYC.


Wordless Wednesday: In Honor of Father’s Day

RedRover Chief Technology Officer, Vineel, and his son Zephyros.