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Women Entrepreneurs Radio | The Secrets of Success

Listen to this fun interview with RedRover CEO/Founder, Kathryn Tucker in which she reveals her deep love of romantic comedy and tells the story of her path from film to tech. CLICK HERE.


5 Questions About RedRover: Irene

Irene, SF Community Manager and mom of Poppy (8 months), gets interviewed about RedRover.

Take a look:

1. What’s your favorite thing about redrover?

I love being able to share my life with my friends through photos.

2. What feature is most helpful?

The social planning features are super easy to use and make me feel more organized. You don’t realize how much time you were spending emailing and coordinating until all of a sudden you’re not. I click and swipe and boom I have plans. Any changes in times or location are sent right to my phone and everyone else involved. I like not feeling like I have to check my email as I head out the door to see if the plans are still on or not.

3. What feature would you like to see? (or what is your favorite new feature in v2.0?)

I’d like to see even more of my friends on RedRover, so I am psyched about the Android release.

4. Send your favorite timeline shot. & 5. Describe a great moment for you on RedRover.

Here’s a pic of me toasting Kathryn when the new photo features were released. I love this screenshot because I think it really opens up how social apps are going to be used in the future. It’s just so fun to be able to connect with a friend 3,000 miles away over a drink like this – this is the day I became addicted to RedRover.


Wordless Wednesday: Every Mother Counts

Photo by Josh Estey, Bangladesh

Remember: for every new RedRover signup through tomorrow night we’ll be donating $1 to up to 20k. Get your friends to sign up today!



RedRover, Facebook and Twitter: A Unique and Powerful Combo

As we mentioned earlier, the new RedRover comes with the ability to cross-post any of your messages to Facebook or Twitter. This simple addition to the way RedRover works turns it into a super-versatile tool for sharing with friends.

RedRover’s core features let you share a message with any number of your friends, allowing you to decide exactly how big your audience should be (and who your audience should be) for each message.

That’s pretty cool.  But add to that the ability to cross-post a message to Facebook or Twitter, and suddenly you can message one, two or twenty of your friends in RedRover…and all of your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. (CLICK HERE to take a look)

It’s like you’ve got a volume knob on your RedRover that now goes up as high as you could possibly want…while also being able to go as low as you want.

Use just the RedRover share feature, and send a private thought to one or two close friends.  Use the share feature again and send a more open note to several of your friends.  Use the share feature with the Facebook/Twitter buttons, and send a note to everyone you know on the planet.

With RedRover, you get to decide.



RedRover On Android is Here!


We’ve been busy little worker bees here at RedRover headquarters in the Flatiron district of NYC.  Last week we launched RedRover version 2.0 for the iPhone, and today we’re very excited to announce that RedRover for Android is here!

If you’re an Android user, you can now begin using RedRover from your phone to chat, share photos, and make plans — to have more fun.

And if you’re an iPhone user, you can now connect with your Android friends to do all of the great things you’ve already been doing with your iPhone friends. Have a friend you know has an Android phone? Reach out to him or her today with an invitation to join you on RedRover.

RedRover on Android: it means more connections, more happenings, and more fun.

1. Search for RedRover in the Android Market Place (icon below) and select it.

2. Select the ‘FREE’ button to install RedRover.

3. Press ‘OK’ to accept the permissions of the app.

Wait a minute for RedRover to download, and voila, you’re done – you can now use RedRover on your phone!

Note: this is version 0.5 – still beta.  We’re working as fast as we can to get it to 1.0 and will be there soon.  In the meantime, please enjoy the beta!


Wordless Wednesday: In Honor of the Important Work of

Photo by Josh Estey, Bangladesh

Tell your friends, for every new RedRover signup through 7/28 we’ll be donating $1 to up to 20k.


A Whole New RedRover, For Spontaneous Fun

Hi Rovers! We’re excited to announce that today we are launching a new and improved RedRover app in the iTunes app store.

This new app, two months in the making, is the culmination of what you told us you wanted in RedRover. You (well, many of you) told us you love making plans with friends via RedRover but you wanted the process to be looser, easier, less structured. You wanted to be able to throw an idea to friends without knowing exactly what you want to do. You wanted it to be more of a platform for open conversation — and out of that conversation, ideas and plans would arise (or maybe they wouldn’t, and that would be okay too).

In short, you wanted RedRover to be even more like the way you make plans, share your day, or touch base.

We listened to all of this, discussed, designed, tested, and finally built. And the result is here today.

New Ways to Share:

So what is new about the new RedRover app? Well, it starts with the very core of the RedRover experience: sharing with friends. The way you share is now much more flexible than before. Instead of sharing by “making a plan”, you simply choose the friends you want to share with, write a short note, attach a photo if you like, and hit “send”. That’s it. Friends get your message instantly — in RedRover if they’ve signed up, or as an email if they haven’t — and they can respond to your note with comments of their own. And from there the conversation can go in any direction, and anything can happen. You can plan get-togethers, share moments, comment on others’ plans, and arrive at decisions together as a group. It’s a flexible, open, easy system, and it can accommodate whatever your needs may be for connecting with friends.

Cross-Post to Facebook or Twitter:

A second feature we’ve added along with this new “share” experience is the ability to cross-post your messages from RedRover to Facebook and Twitter. Now when you share a message you have the option of sharing it not just with any of your RedRover friends, but with all of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers as well. So if you have a message that is private, for a small audience, you share it with a few select RedRover friends. If you have a message or photo that you want everyone to see, you cross-post it to your more public networks. RedRover lets you control how big or how small the audience is for each message you share. Here’s a sample conversation on the best cupcake spot in NYC: CLICK HERE.

The New “Meet” Tab:

And what has become of “I’m here” and “Make a plan”, our original 1.0 ways to share with friends? Find them renamed “Meet Now” and “Meet later” on the “MEET” tab. You can still connect with friends around a location in the present or in the future, and you can still explore what’s kid-friendly and find the clean bathrooms through the “MEET” tab.

And More:

We’ve also got a new home page, a new how to page, and a few other new things here and there. We’ll keep rolling new features out as quickly as we can, all with an eye toward making it easy for you to connect with friends and increase the spontaneous fun in your life.

Now is the time to encourage your friends to join RedRover. For the next two weeks, we will be donating $1.00 up to 20K to for every new RedRover sign up. If your friends have been dawdling about joining you on RedRover, now is the time to prod. It’s a great way to help mothers around the world!

Download the new app and start having fun!

-The Team at RedRover


RedRover and Every Mother Counts Celebrate RedRover’s Version 2.0 with a Party Tonight!

Join Kathryn Tucker of RedRover and Christy Turlington of Every Mother Counts tonight from 9-10pm EST on Twitter.

Find out about RedRover’s awesome new conversation and photo-sharing features, and Twitter and Facebook integration all from the comfort of your own living room! Send photos and chat through RedRover by tapping the Twitter button on RedRover’s iphone app. Use the #redrover hashtag to share it with the whole party.

Moms can tune into the Twitter Party using the #RedRover hashtag and follow moderator @RedRover for prize giveaways from brands like Gogo squeeZ (@GogosqueeZ), Funky Monkey Snacks (@FunkyMonkeySnck), and Skip Hop (@SkipHop).

Beginning July 14th and lasting for two weeks, RedRover will donate $1 for every new signup up to 20,000 towards the important work of Watch this video for a glimpse at the important work Turlington and her organization are doing for mothers around the world:

See why everyone’s been talking about RedRover, the location based service specifically for mobile moms on the go. Tune in tonight by following:







RedRover: For Emergencies, Too!

We all know that RedRover is great for sharing with friends, making plans, and having fun.  But there’s more to the app than just socializing. RedRover is also a great app to have in an emergency.

How’s that?  Well if you look to the far-right of your app’s tab bar, you will see the app’s emergency button.  That’s not an OMG-we-have-to-get-together-right-now button.  It’s an actual feature to help you in an actual emergency.

RedRover’s Emergency feature can help out in an emergency in several smart ways.

First, it allows you to send a text message to your emergency contacts with the push of a single button.  That message says simply “I’m in an emergency situation” with a link to a map that lets people know exactly where you are (you can replace that with a custom message if you want).  Click that button and you can check notifying friends and family about your situation off your list, and focus on the more important matters at hand.

Next, you can call 911 or poison control, again with the push of a single button.  Click “Call 911″, the system prompts you to confirm, and then you’re on the phone talking to the emergency operator. No pesky numbers to dial, no accidentally dialing 411 instead and getting information – just press and go.

Last but not least, the feature pulls up the hospitals closest to you and lists their location and contact info.  You can view each hospital on a map or call it directly, once again with the click of a button.  Very useful when you’re out and about, and have no idea where the hospitals around you are.

How many social apps out there have that level of real-world value?

The emergency button is so cool it could almost be a standalone app.  Instead it’s yet another great feature packed into RedRover for our users.   So now don’t go out there looking for trouble.  But if trouble comes your way, know that RedRover is ready to help.