What RedRover Can Do for You This Summer

The end of the school year means wide open days, but that also means you need to fill up those days with fun stuff to do. This can be daunting, especially finding an activity that all the kids will like. Sure, you can always do a web search, but sometimes listings can be overwhelming. RedRover events croppedThat’s where we come in. Here’s what can RedRover do for you this summer.

RedRover, along with all our wonderful partners, is here to help you find events and activities that everyone will enjoy – including the little ones who cannot help but say “no” to everything you suggest. With RedRover, you’ll discover a curated list of top-notch events that will keep everyone in the family happy.

Let’s first review a few of the basics. This is a great way for everyone (old and new RedRover users alike) to learn about our mission and everything we have to offer.

RedRover 101

Our mission is to make sure that finding kid-friendly activities is simple and easy with no extra cost. RedRover has handpicked a variety of activities that is sure to be exciting for everyone. RedRover’s many partners, including museums, libraries, parks, and other cultural institutions, also help simplify your quest for the perfect day. Simply click on an event or partner and unleash the fun.

RedRover partners webpage

Did we mention that RedRover is completely free? Yup! You can visit our website or download the FREE app on any smartphone device or on Google Play. Regardless of which method you choose to use, be sure to select your location from one of our five markets: Boston, New York City, the Hamptons/North Folk, Atlanta, and San Francisco. Don’t worry if your current location is not on the list – more cities will be added soon.

Tips for Using the App and Website

Click on the menu on the left of your screen to find what interests you and your family. Make sure to check out “RedRover Picks,” our curated list of extra fun things to do. Our partners each have their own page in case you want to focus on just one particular location or type of activity.


Additionally, you have the option of creating an account either through your email or Facebook account. Having a RedRover account is completely FREE and will allow you to save events that you think are worth sharing with your friends and family.

Don’t forget to click on the “Find More Fun” button for even more great ideas throughout the week. You can pick activities based on date, distance from you, age group, category, or zip code. You can even see what other RedRover users are up to by clicking on the “Who’s Doing What” tab in the phone app.

RedRover is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so be sure to take a look at those sites and scroll through to check out some of our ideas about cool things to do. Don’t forget to share RedRover with your friends and family so everyone can have a great time!


RedRover 3.0, now live in Atlanta!

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to launch RedRover 3.0 for Atlanta parents today.

RedRover 3.0

Atlanta families now have access to kid-friendly events, activities, and places at over 15 top-tier Atlanta cultural partners, including The Atlanta Braves, Atlanta History Center, Atlanta Rocks!, Brina Beads, Callaway Gardens, Dunwoody Nature Center, the Fernbank Museum, Georgia Aquarium, Little House of Art, Stone Mountain Park, The Children’s Museum of Atlanta, The Music Class and Whole Foods Market – Buckhead, with new partners joining daily.


To celebrate, we’re giving away an amazing $500 prize pack to a lucky Atlanta user, including a gorgeous Timi and Leslie bag and an iPad Mini.  All you need to download the free RedRover app on iTunes (and sign-in) or sign-up on by May 19, 11:59pm EST and you’re entered.

Now go enjoy the best day ever with your kids, Atlanta!


Last-Minute Easter Gift Ideas

With Easter Sunday quickly approaching I still have to get all the chocolates and goodies for my kids’ baskets (not to mention the baskets themselves). Luckily, we live in NYC where procrastinating every now and again is ok thanks to the proliferation of stores and boutiques that are open until the bitter end. Here are some of my favorite boutiques and small stores where I am going to fill up my baskets for my kids:



1. Chocolatey Goodness: For the chocolate we love Jacques Torres for their unique collection of Easter treats including the small Sitting Rabbit and the massive Easter Box filled with a collection of yummy goodies. Dewey’s Candy in Brooklyn is another great option to find a collection of treats that you can mix and match as you create your own personalized basket for your kiddos. For more information, visit:  Jacques Torres and Dewey’s Candy Store. Other great options in NYC include Economy CandyThe Sweet Life and Dylan’s Candy Bar.


2. Small Gifts to Fill the Basket: We love the selection of hip gifts for babies and toddlers at Piccolini. For an Easter basket, we love their signature Piccolini NYC Hot Dog Pretzel NY Tee and the sweet Angora Bunny. For more information, please visit: Love Piccolini

Bookmark Shoppe


3. Books for the Basket: We love passing along books for our kids, and the wide selection of books at the BookMark Shoppe won’t disappoint. For kids, you can shop the classics or discover a tale that just right for the season. For more information, please visit: BookMark Shoppe

4. Keep It Convenient: You can make it even easier by going to your local Duane Reade to find a collection of cards, baskets, bunnies and more. Another idea is to go to Blick (or your local art store) and buy some art supplies for a day of crafting and fun.


Wordless Wednesday: The Sleepinator

Loulou invented “The Sleepinator” on Sunday. Click through the photo to see the story of a rainy day at our house.


5 Questions About RedRover: Irene

Irene, SF Community Manager and mom of Poppy (8 months), gets interviewed about RedRover.

Take a look:

1. What’s your favorite thing about redrover?

I love being able to share my life with my friends through photos.

2. What feature is most helpful?

The social planning features are super easy to use and make me feel more organized. You don’t realize how much time you were spending emailing and coordinating until all of a sudden you’re not. I click and swipe and boom I have plans. Any changes in times or location are sent right to my phone and everyone else involved. I like not feeling like I have to check my email as I head out the door to see if the plans are still on or not.

3. What feature would you like to see? (or what is your favorite new feature in v2.0?)

I’d like to see even more of my friends on RedRover, so I am psyched about the Android release.

4. Send your favorite timeline shot. & 5. Describe a great moment for you on RedRover.

Here’s a pic of me toasting Kathryn when the new photo features were released. I love this screenshot because I think it really opens up how social apps are going to be used in the future. It’s just so fun to be able to connect with a friend 3,000 miles away over a drink like this – this is the day I became addicted to RedRover.


RedRover, Facebook and Twitter: A Unique and Powerful Combo

As we mentioned earlier, the new RedRover comes with the ability to cross-post any of your messages to Facebook or Twitter. This simple addition to the way RedRover works turns it into a super-versatile tool for sharing with friends.

RedRover’s core features let you share a message with any number of your friends, allowing you to decide exactly how big your audience should be (and who your audience should be) for each message.

That’s pretty cool.  But add to that the ability to cross-post a message to Facebook or Twitter, and suddenly you can message one, two or twenty of your friends in RedRover…and all of your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. (CLICK HERE to take a look)

It’s like you’ve got a volume knob on your RedRover that now goes up as high as you could possibly want…while also being able to go as low as you want.

Use just the RedRover share feature, and send a private thought to one or two close friends.  Use the share feature again and send a more open note to several of your friends.  Use the share feature with the Facebook/Twitter buttons, and send a note to everyone you know on the planet.

With RedRover, you get to decide.



RedRover On Android is Here!


We’ve been busy little worker bees here at RedRover headquarters in the Flatiron district of NYC.  Last week we launched RedRover version 2.0 for the iPhone, and today we’re very excited to announce that RedRover for Android is here!

If you’re an Android user, you can now begin using RedRover from your phone to chat, share photos, and make plans — to have more fun.

And if you’re an iPhone user, you can now connect with your Android friends to do all of the great things you’ve already been doing with your iPhone friends. Have a friend you know has an Android phone? Reach out to him or her today with an invitation to join you on RedRover.

RedRover on Android: it means more connections, more happenings, and more fun.

1. Search for RedRover in the Android Market Place (icon below) and select it.

2. Select the ‘FREE’ button to install RedRover.

3. Press ‘OK’ to accept the permissions of the app.

Wait a minute for RedRover to download, and voila, you’re done – you can now use RedRover on your phone!

Note: this is version 0.5 – still beta.  We’re working as fast as we can to get it to 1.0 and will be there soon.  In the meantime, please enjoy the beta!


A Whole New RedRover, For Spontaneous Fun

Hi Rovers! We’re excited to announce that today we are launching a new and improved RedRover app in the iTunes app store.

This new app, two months in the making, is the culmination of what you told us you wanted in RedRover. You (well, many of you) told us you love making plans with friends via RedRover but you wanted the process to be looser, easier, less structured. You wanted to be able to throw an idea to friends without knowing exactly what you want to do. You wanted it to be more of a platform for open conversation — and out of that conversation, ideas and plans would arise (or maybe they wouldn’t, and that would be okay too).

In short, you wanted RedRover to be even more like the way you make plans, share your day, or touch base.

We listened to all of this, discussed, designed, tested, and finally built. And the result is here today.

New Ways to Share:

So what is new about the new RedRover app? Well, it starts with the very core of the RedRover experience: sharing with friends. The way you share is now much more flexible than before. Instead of sharing by “making a plan”, you simply choose the friends you want to share with, write a short note, attach a photo if you like, and hit “send”. That’s it. Friends get your message instantly — in RedRover if they’ve signed up, or as an email if they haven’t — and they can respond to your note with comments of their own. And from there the conversation can go in any direction, and anything can happen. You can plan get-togethers, share moments, comment on others’ plans, and arrive at decisions together as a group. It’s a flexible, open, easy system, and it can accommodate whatever your needs may be for connecting with friends.

Cross-Post to Facebook or Twitter:

A second feature we’ve added along with this new “share” experience is the ability to cross-post your messages from RedRover to Facebook and Twitter. Now when you share a message you have the option of sharing it not just with any of your RedRover friends, but with all of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers as well. So if you have a message that is private, for a small audience, you share it with a few select RedRover friends. If you have a message or photo that you want everyone to see, you cross-post it to your more public networks. RedRover lets you control how big or how small the audience is for each message you share. Here’s a sample conversation on the best cupcake spot in NYC: CLICK HERE.

The New “Meet” Tab:

And what has become of “I’m here” and “Make a plan”, our original 1.0 ways to share with friends? Find them renamed “Meet Now” and “Meet later” on the “MEET” tab. You can still connect with friends around a location in the present or in the future, and you can still explore what’s kid-friendly and find the clean bathrooms through the “MEET” tab.

And More:

We’ve also got a new home page, a new how to page, and a few other new things here and there. We’ll keep rolling new features out as quickly as we can, all with an eye toward making it easy for you to connect with friends and increase the spontaneous fun in your life.

Now is the time to encourage your friends to join RedRover. For the next two weeks, we will be donating $1.00 up to 20K to for every new RedRover sign up. If your friends have been dawdling about joining you on RedRover, now is the time to prod. It’s a great way to help mothers around the world!

Download the new app and start having fun!

-The Team at RedRover


Timeline Shot of the Week: Rainbow City

Kathryn Tucker takes Loulou and Henry to Rainbow City in High Line Park, NYC.


KT Timeline Shot of the Week