Father’s Day Gifts For The Dad Who Has Everything

Hello, Rovers! It’s Titania, RedRover’s Roving Mom from Atlanta. If you’re like me, that special man in your life either already has everything or doesn’t want you to buy anything, ever, especially for him,  which poses a problem come Father’s Day, every. single. year.

So, I am turning to Pinterest for creative and inspirational solutions to this annual pickle I find myself in.

Here are my top 10 DIY (low-to-no-cost) finds just in time for Sunday, June 17th. Yep, it’s THIS Sunday! Get cracking!

1. The iDad Card

This card is perfect for the gadget-loving, app-downloading, tech-obsessed man in your life.

2. Personalized Family Tree

While this template can be purchased on Etsy, I am confident enough in my tree-trunk-drawing abilities to make my own version of this cute craft.

3. Father’s Day Questionnaire

These answers have the potential to be nothing short of hilarious.  For example, my son thinks my husband’s favorite food is brown food sticks.  After a minute I finally realized he meant pretzels.  Toddlers are so literal.

4. Photo Shadow Love

This one might just be my favorite.

5. Matching Ties For All

While you have the option of purchasing these hip tees, the DIY route might be even better because it includes a little personal TLC.  Buy a fresh pack of white tees, onesies, fabric paint, and paint some sharp matching ties for the adorable males in your life.

 6. Less is More

The perfect gift for short attention spans, all that’s required is a printer and crayons or markers.  Easy cheesy.

7. Tailored Dad

I know, enough with the ties, but this is such a clean-cut look…and what else will you do with all that card stock?  Just be careful with the buttons and wee ones; no choking hazards please!

8. Origami Hint

Cue Steve Miller Band in the background and sing along as you tell him to go on, take the money and run.

9. I’m Feeling Lucky

How cute is this?!

10. Would You Like a Sample?

I truly believe that paint color sample cards were created solely for the purpose of Pinterest-inspired crafts.

And there you have it.  I’m hoping this page stays on the DL from my dad and husband long enough for me to surprise them…because they are the best dudes on the planet.  I’m sure you feel the same way about the men in your life.  Happy Father’s Day 2012!

My dad.

My husband.

P.S. Cool Mom Picks does a wonderful job selecting, well, the best of everything including Father’s Day gifts.  Check out their 2012 gift guide here.



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    posted 5 years ago

    I am in LOVE with the family tree idea! So sweet and would be perfect for his office at work.

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